What Makes Metal Buildings a Cost Efficient Solution?

You may have heard someone say metal buildings are far more cost-efficient than other types of structures. Without a doubt, that old saying about metal buildings being affordable still holds true today. But why are metal buildings considered to be so cost-efficient, especially when you have access to so many other options? We’ve pulled together a few of the primary reasons metal buildings are the most economical option for many types of building plans. 

Save money with simplified pre-fabrication 

When it comes to cost-efficiency and metal buildings, there is always something to be said about pre-fabrication. Metal buildings, even those which are custom designed, undergo quite an extensive prefab process. In short, the company you buy the building from will likely: 

  • Cut all framing according to architectural plans 
  • Construct framing sections for easy erection upon delivery 
  • Build insulated panels to finish the outlying walls 
  • Prepare roofing trusses with pre-assembly before delivery 

When so many aspects of building a structure are handled in a controlled environment, construction takes much less time, but you are also less likely to have waste or material loss to contend with. Therefore, you have the opportunity to save a substantial amount of unnecessary costs associated with labor and materials. 

Turn-key solutions cut out middle costs 

When you work with a turn-key steel building company like SteelCo Buildings, everything is handled on your behalf. From designing and manufacturing the building to delivery to your property and erection support, you don’t have any middlemen in between. You pay one price to get your building and get it ready to use. That alone can mean substantial cost savings to get the structure you need. 

With other structures, this kind of once-and-done cost-effectiveness is not always viable or logical. You often end up paying separate bills for materials, delivery, and labor, which can quickly lead to exaggerated costs that overshoot your pre planned budget. 

Steel materials are overall less expensive than wood 

Since last year, the average cost to build a home framed with wood has increased by an astounding $24,000. Lumber prices have all-out skyrocketed and reached double and even triple prices in some parts of the country. Many contractors are moving from wood-framed construction to steel-framed constructions because of the substantial cost leap. 

Because steel prices have remained relatively stable, metal buildings are far more cost-effective regardless of what it is you may be building. In the past, the costs associated with building with steel compared to wood have shown steel to be the cost-efficiency winner. Now, with lumber prices soaring, building with steel makes even more sense.  

Reap the savings of energy efficiency after construction 

Many people still envision a metal building as a structure that absorbs and holds heat or has an uncomfortable draftiness in the cold. However, those issues are simply non-existent when you invest in a well-designed metal building. With your new building, you could easily see energy use in check and less money out of pocket. 

So many revolutionary elements go into the modern-day metal building. From the insulated side panels to the sun-reflecting roof, these buildings have grown to be exceptionally energy efficient. Some metal buildings even make use of Energy Star integrations and other noteworthy features to ensure absolute efficiency. 

Cut costs with little maintenance involved

One of the biggest reasons people have grown to prefer metal buildings is that they offer low maintenance over the long term. Most buildings require little input or upkeep to keep the building looking good and functioning as it should.

For example, most metal buildings come with powder-coated paint finishes that can easily have as much as a 25-year life span or more. The roofing and exterior walls are also easy to clean, not prone to rust, and can stand up to wind and weather. For the owner, these attributes mean the overall building requires much less time and money where maintenance is concerned. 

Discover How Much You Can Save with a Metal Building 

Whether you are in the process of planning a detached garage, agricultural building, business, or church, a steel building can be one of the most cost-effective options to consider. These buildings have made their way to being a top choice among a diverse collection of building-seekers, from prospective homeowners to businesses looking to establish or expand. If you would like to know how much a steel building costs for your planned project, feel free to reach out to us at SteelCo Buildings for a free price quote. 


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