Winter Maintenance Tips for Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are incredibly durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance in order to stay in good condition. However, ice and other kinds of winter weather can lead to damage, such as dents and leaks. With some preventative maintenance, you can make sure your steel building stays safe and protected from adverse weather all season long. Use the following maintenance tips to prepare your steel building for winter.

Clear Away Debris

Debris that builds up on the roof of your steel building can lead to an increased risk of damage. Leaves and other debris that retains moisture can cause corrosion to occur when it’s left on your steel building. Twigs and other debris on the roof of your steel building can also provide shelter for pests during winter, such as rats. You should get rid of any debris on your roof to eliminate these risks. Keep in mind that you might have a large buildup of leaves and twigs from autumn storms. Removing these helps keep your roof and building safe from damage during winter.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees, bushes and shrubs can cause damage to steel buildings during winter. Storms can cause branches to scrape against the sides or roof of your building, which could leave scratches. If you have trees with branches that hang over your roof, trim these back before winter weather arrives. Ice and snow add considerable weight to tree branches, which could cause them to break and fall onto your roof. This can lead to damage to the roof of your steel building. Branches with too much snow or ice on them can also bend and scrape against the roof. Trimming branches away from the sides and roof of your steel building helps prevent this damage from occurring.

Clean the Gutters

The gutters on your steel building direct melted snow and rain away from your roof and move it to the ground through the attached downspout. This helps prevent water from getting inside your building or accumulating close to its foundation. Your gutters might be filled with leaves and other debris, especially if your area has had a lot of storms. This debris blocks your gutters, which prevents snow and rain from getting through to the downspouts. This can cause leaks to occur and increase the risk of ice dams, which are ice blockages that cause water to back up under your roof. Make sure your gutters are clear of all debris to ensure that rain and snow flow away from your steel building.

Inspect Seals

Seals on the roof of your steel building can allow moisture to get into the interior if they’re not in good shape. Check the seals around vents and other structures on your roof to make sure they’re not damaged. Repair or replace roof seals that have gaps or other signs of damage to prevent water from seeping into your building. You should also check the seals around doors and windows for damage. These seals can also increase the risk of leaks and water damage inside your building if they are damaged or in bad condition. Repair or replace window and door seals as needed.

Wash the Exterior

Steel building exteriors can accumulate dirt and other grime from summer and fall storms. While preparing your steel building for winter, consider giving it a good wash to clear away grime and keep your steel panels in good condition. You don’t need to use high water pressure or harsh soaps to clean the exterior of your building. In fact, these could cause damage, so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, wash the outside of your steel building with a mild cleaning solution and rinse it with low-pressure water from a hose or power washer.

Don’t Delay

Winter weather will be here before you know it, so this is a good time to prepare your steel building. Putting these tips to use can ensure that your building remains in excellent shape throughout the season.

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