Applications of Steel Buildings

They say necessity is the Mother of invention. We have seen that in the recent past with the growth of the food and grocery delivery business, the increase in work from home opportunities and the popularity of meeting via video streaming.

True innovation is often created by thinking outside of the box and looking for new applications for products that already exist. If you need more space for business or personal use, now is the time to consider the value, quality and versatility of metal buildings.

Today’s metal buildings are suitable for far more than just the warehouses and storage facilities. They can be used in a surprisingly wide range of structures. If you, your business, your community or congregation is considering new construction, we encourage you to take a look at all of your options. This includes the many modern applications of steel buildings and metal building kits. 

Agricultural Buildings

The agricultural industry has long embraced the value of metal buildings. Steel structures for agriculture can provide affordable, large covered spaces for animals, hay, storage and to protect valuable farm equipment. With so much already to do on farms, low maintenance steel buildings are a welcome addition. The farming and agricultural industry is known for seeking value and making the most of every dollar. They have shown the way that steel buildings are a solid investment. 

Aircraft Hangars

Whether you have a personal aircraft or need storage for a small landing strip or airport, steel buildings offer protection from the weather and vandalism or theft. Steel buildings provide secure space for vintage aircraft restorations and mechanical work. Learn more about steel buildings for aircraft hangars.

Churches and Places of Worship

When growing churches need more space or when older structures are being replaced, an increasing number of congregations are looking into steel buildings. Today’s steel buildings can be attractive, comfortable and an affordable way to accommodate growth and expansion. Read more about steel buildings for churches.

Cold Storage

Metal buildings provide superior insulation opportunities for a variety of cold storage applications. These include foods, medicines and dairy products. Metal buildings can be configured to provide just the required space for your application. It can also serve as an addition to a current structure and provide additional versatility.

Grow Houses

Steel framed grow houses are the perfect solution for the growing of various plant types. Custom steel, steel frame and glass structures can be designed to provide the perfect environment to maintain quality control and maximize profits. Steel frame grow houses are an excellent alternative to more expensive and less secure options.

Horse Arenas

Covered outdoor horse arenas constructed of steel provide a safe area to show horses no matter what the weather. Steel buildings have become the structures of choice for the equestrian industry and are available in pre-fab steel building kits or custom configurations.


If this is the first time you have heard of a steel building used for living spaces, it will likely not be the last. Barndominiums are a growing trend for homes and apartments because they offer an affordable alternative to other materials. They also provide efficiencies in construction and are impervious to pest infestation. Those considering personal living space or living space as an investment, should look into the opportunities metal buildings can provide.

Commercial Buildings

In search of an affordable way to build your own commercial building? Want to create an investment opportunity with a high potential ROI? Steel building and metal building kits can be used for retail space, auto shops, offices, self-storage, strip-malls, fitness centers and more. 

There are an almost unlimited amount of personal and business applications for steel and metal buildings. Construction time is minimized, maintenance is low and steel buildings demonstrate resilience in a variety of weather conditions. Steel buildings are virtually a blank canvas when it comes to commercial buildings. 

If your perception of steel buildings and steel building kits is outdated, it’s time to revisit all your options. Contact SteelCo Buildings Inc. and discover the wide range of buildings available to you.

SteelCo Buildings Inc. is a Georgia-based company providing custom and pre-fab metal building kits available for shipping nationwide. We use Grade A steel, are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau and have two decades of experience in designing and constructing prefab metal buildings. Get more building for your money with SteelCo. We look forward to assisting you with your project. 


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