Why Choose SteelCo Buildings

Whether you are a homeowner who needs more space at home or you run an organization that requires a new building, it certainly is prudent to consider all your options, including what materials are used to build the new structure.

For many, a steel building winds up being the preferred choice. Going beyond mere storage or warehouse facilities, modern steel buildings are strong and versatile and may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Reasons SteelCo Is Your Best Option

The team at SteelCo Buildings has been developing buildings of all shapes, sizes and configurations fabricated from steel since 2001 and we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Here are the main reasons to choose SteelCo Buildings for your next project.

Quality: We stand by all the work we do, from design to planning to execution. At SteelCo Buildings, we’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. This is one reason why we’ve developed such a good reputation in the industry and receive so much referral and recurring business. 

Ease of Assembly: The metal buildings we create are developed for fast and easy assembly. Construction timetables are shortened as compared to traditional building projects, which further saves customers time and money. Working in metal gives you more options for strong, durable designs that come together with less complication.

Durability: When it comes to fabricating buildings, steel is much stronger and more durable than conventional sticks and bricks buildings. The metal we use resists rust. Metal is built to endure, as compared to buildings made out of wood, which are subject to warping and rotting as well as attack from termites.

Versatility: Any type of building you can imagine can be built out of steel. A highly versatile construction material, you can fabricate steel into homes, workshops and garages, churches and places of worship, warehouses, recreational facilities, commercial buildings, aircraft hangars and more. Our designers enjoy a challenge and will be happy to explore options for customizing a structure for you out of steel if an off-the-shelf solution isn’t available.

Experience: SteelCo Buildings has been a proud member of the Covington, Georgia community and surrounding area since our founding in 2001. We sold our 250th unit in 2003 and by 2007 our 1,000th unit went out the doors. Since then, we’ve gone on to such milestones as constructing a local school in just 5 weeks (Peachtree Academy) in 2010 and receiving numerous awards, the most recent being awarded the Best of Newton, Best Contractor in 2019. From warehouses to workshops to places of worship, we have a wide range of experience that helps us meet the precise needs of each customer.  

Design: For building requirements that go beyond standard sizes and shapes, our design team is standing by to consult with you, to create the perfect structure out of strong, durable steel. We’ll carefully listen to your ideas and desires before we brainstorm how to design your new building.

Service: We’re known for our straightforward honesty, giving customers accurate price estimates and schedules for their steel building projects. Our team follows industry best practices, with an emphasis on providing the highest level of customer service.

Strength: Since steel is so much denser than concrete and wood, it is stronger and able to maintain structural integrity with less material. Steel also holds up better under inclement weather. That makes it more appealing to individuals looking for a relatively inexpensive and stronger building to quickly increase their personal space at home. The strength of steel is a primarily motivation for business owners wanting to expand their facilities.

Value: Steel is an economical construction material when compared to other types. But the material costs are only part of the picture. Because a steel building is meant to last longer than conventional structures, your total cost of ownership will be reduced. So it’s worth keeping in mind long-term costs and not just the money you pay to construct the new building.

What Kind of Steel Building Are You Looking For?

You can rest assured that the new steel building that SteelCo Buildings makes for you will be in good hands. We work exclusively with manufacturers that are members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and that are certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Business owners and homeowners alike have come to see the benefits of using steel in new construction, for factors such as the money saved to the versatility, strength and ease of customization.

To learn more about your options for a metal building or to get a free price quote, please connect with SteelCo Buildings today.


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