Benefits of Custom Steel Buildings

SteelCo’s custom steel buildings provide exceptional value to our customers. With fully customizable buildings and a reputation for excellence, clients come to SteelCo when they’re seeking a quality product with a fast turn-around and reasonable price tag.

SteelCo is proud to provide this service to clients, and is dedicated to ensuring that every customer is fully satisfied. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of custom steel buildings and discuss why SteelCo is your source for customized steel building materials, design, and construction.

Benefits of Custom Steel Buildings

SteelCo steel buildings have many benefits that keep customers coming back.

Improve property value. Any accessory dwelling unit or outdoor building that you install on your property should increase your property’s value, but quality makes a big difference. SteelCo buildings are inherently of greater value than many other comparable products because of their quality. Installing a custom steel building from SteelCo on your property makes your home or business worth more. 

Serve many purposes. Custom steel buildings from SteelCo are designed to fit your lifestyle or business needs. Whether you need an outdoor storage building, an agricultural structure or a small accessory structure for your retail space, we can accommodate those needs. When you contact SteelCo, you’ll start off by working with our designers to create plans for a building that fit your unique needs – and then we’ll create the components.

Customized to your property. Your steel building is sure to look right, fit right and be right for your property because it’s designed for you and in consultation with you. From the color to the materials, size and more – it’s all made for you, and thus is just right for your needs.  

Designed by a reputable, respected company. One of the benefits of SteelCo buildings is that they’re designed by us – and our products are well-known for their excellence and quality. 

Why SteelCo?

The staff at SteelCo have over 65 combined years of metal building experience, which means that we’re experts in our field and fully qualified to design and even install your customized steel buildings. It was our excellence that led to us being featured in Metal Construction News. In 2006, we received the Dick James Small Business of the Year Award.

How did we get here? We paid close attention to detail, and prioritized the small things. Each of our custom buildings has our full and undivided attention, until we deliver it to you, our customer.  

We also prioritize excellent customer service. Our clients deserve the best, and we want them to have it. That’s what keeps customers returning to SteelCo for their custom metal buildings and general contracting services.   

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to design your SteelCo Building, start by contacting SteelCo to begin the design. You’ll need to make decisions about coatings and colors, materials and panel options and more. Your designer at SteelCo will help you through this part, by talking to you about your priorities and more. It takes about two weeks to finish the drawings and another six to eight weeks to create and ship the parts, depending on th complexity.

Need a Custom Steel Building? Call SteelCo Today

To get started with your custom steel building from SteelCo, review our prefabricated steel design page to see the available options, take a look at the various types of steel buildings that we create, and then contact us through our website. 


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