Providing General Contracting Services to Corporations and Communities in Georgia

While our clients and customers know us at SteelCo Buildings as the go-to source when they need a well-made prefabricated steel building for their property, we are constantly getting involved in community-based products in the state of Georgia. SteelCo has extensive experience in the metal building industry, which means we get a lot of requests and opportunities to work on large-scale projects with corporate and community clientele. Take a look at just a few of the steel building projects we’ve had a hand in over the last few years. 

Working with Hegla to Create Their US Production Site in Stockbridge 

In August 2019, a groundbreaking ceremony took place in Henry County, Georgia to kick off the construction process for the HEGLA production site. The HEGLA Corporation has been around since 1976 and is known as the leading manufacturer in the world of special machinery and equipment that is designed for processing, sorting, storing, and handling flat glass. SteelCo Buildings was awarded the general commission for the 3,050 square-meter building project, which involved the fabrication of a large-scale office and warehouse space. 

Construction of the HEGLA building was completed about a year later, and HEGLA officially opened its new headquarters in Stockbridge. The site serves as an assembly and production center that handles imported parts from Germany. According to the CEO of the HEGLA Group, there are plans for a workforce of about 50 people initially.

Helping with the Newton College and Career Academy’s STEM Institute Expansion Project 

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Extension Project was a project created by the STEM Institute at Newton College and Career Academy in 2017. The project was created with the goal of taking STEM-based activities directly to the students enrolled in the surrounding Newton County Schools by way of a specially designed bus. The bus would serve as a direct catalyst to help interested students get involved in the STEM field before even leaving high school. 

The funding for the mobile STEM project comes completely from grants, private funding, and donations, so SteelCo was happy to volunteer our time to help bring the project to life. A bus was donated by one of the local school systems, but it had to be completely renovated in order to fit for the purpose. The interior and exterior got a complete overhaul, which included working counters, bookshelves, tables for collaboration, and more. To date, the STEM bus has been used regularly to help bring talented students into the STEM field in the local area. 

Constructing the New Coroner’s Office in McDonough 

While not a large-scale project, in 2020, SteelCo Buildings was awarded the task of building the new coroner’s office building for Henry County, Georgia. While the county had previously relied on surrounding counties for help with public coroner services, 2020 brought about a need for the county to have its own office.

The new facility was modest, with an office space, an exam room, and a place for family members to meet when necessary. The structure was designed in a way to allow for expansion down the road if necessary, which is something that is much more possible with steel than traditional building materials. 

Need help with a steel building project in Georgia? 

At SteelCo Buildings, we are pleased to be so involved in the building projects and community interests in the state of Georgia. It has been our pleasure to work with people in different communities on buildings, developments, and even small-scale projects involving bus renovation. 

To find out more about SteelCo Buildings and our prefabricated metal buildings, feel free to contact us for more information


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