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When you’re building a storage facility, it’s important to prioritize functionality and utility. Steel buildings are strong, affordable and have low maintenance requirements, which is what makes them a preferred building material for storage units. To run a profitable business and ensure that it will meet the needs of your clients, here’s what you need to know about using a sturdy steel building for your mini-storage unit. 

Benefits of Steel Buildings for Your Mini Storage

There are many reasons to choose a steel building for your mini storage unit – that’s why so many mini-storage facilities are made of steel. In terms of affordability, ease of installation and durability, steel buildings can’t be beat. Here’s what you need to know.  


Steel naturally makes an excellent building material, because it’s so strong and easy to assemble. This also makes steel an affordable building material, because it doesn’t require a lot of extra work to make it work in a building structure. 


Unlike building materials like wood, steel will never rot. It’s not vulnerable to exposure to moisture, which means it doesn’t need to be refinished on a regular basis in order to maintain its structural integrity.

Steel should be kept clean, and may need occasional repainting in order to protect the steel from the effects of rust, but your steel building should be fully painted when it is installed. The paint on the building will protect the steel from exposure to moisture. Proper steel paint is a long-lasting enamel that rarely needs to be replaced.  


Durability is crucial for your mini-storage. As boxes and furnishings are installed and removed from your mini-storage facility, the facility itself may sustain damage that could have an impact on its cosmetic value. It’s important to use a building that will withstand exposure to the bumps and scratches that can come when someone moves into your storage facility. 

Pest Resistance

Pest resistance is vitally important for your mini-storage unit. The greater the pest resistance, the easier it will be to maintain your storage unit. Steel is fully pest-resistant because it can’t be eaten by wood eating insects, nor can it be penetrated by mice. This is highly beneficial for your customers, who rely on your mini-storage unit to keep their furnishings and boxes safe. 

Effective pest resistance is important for your mini-storage’s reputation. Installing a steel building will help protect that reputation. 

Ease of Installation

Prefabricated steel buildings are easy to construct and install. If you’re hoping to get your mini-storage business off the ground quickly, installing a steel building is one of the best ways to make this happen. To ensure quick and easy installation of your mini-storage, work with a reputable steel building fabricator and installer to make it happen. At SteelCo Buildings, we can help you with this task. 


The majority of steel used in construction contains recycled steel. Steel can also be easily broken down and recycled when the steel is no longer needed. If you’d like to create an eco-friendly business, use steel to construct your building. 

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How to Choose a Steel Building for Your Mini-Storage

Are you ready to install a steel building for your mini-storage unit? Here’s what to look for when you’re choosing a pre-fabricated steel building and a good contractor to get the work done:

  • Solid reputation. Look for testimonials and online reviews of the building fabricator and installer of your choice. Testimonials can tell you about the experience that clients have with that particular contractor. In addition, check references before hiring a contractor to install your steel building.
  • Affordable prices. Get a quote before signing on the dotted line. Shopping around can help you decide what a fair price is for the steel building you hope to install. Always get a contract, then sign the contract thoroughly. 
  • Professional website. Explore the contractor’s website for information about their company and their customer service practices. A professional website can be a sign that a contractor is organized and has a solid business in place. 
  • Customized steel building design. Customized design is important when you’re starting a mini storage business! Have your steel building constructed to your exact specifications, to meet your unique needs for your customers. 

Get Started Installing a Steel Building Today

Are you ready to install a mini storage facility? Start your business today. SteelCo Buildings can be customized to your specifications, to meet the needs of your business.

Whether you’re seeking to build a small mini-storage and build up later, or you’re installing several buildings at once, SteelCo Buildings can be designed for your needs. Contact us today to find out more about the steel building design.


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