Steel Building Kits for Your Farm

Steel buildings are replacing wooden ones on farms all over the country. This isn’t just because they’re more affordable. Steel is also impervious to insect damage, is fireproof, and is easy to make in a wide variety of configurations. These practical benefits make it a great choice for every farm building.

Protect Your Expensive Farm Equipment

Agricultural steel building kits let you construct buildings large enough to protect any farm equipment. You aren’t confined to tiny ones that will only hold a tractor or two. Keep the long arms of grain harvesting machines covered by simply making your building wide enough to contain them.

Keep Your Livestock Healthy

Since steel is non-porous and isn’t made of biological material, it doesn’t offer parasites anywhere to hide when you come around with your sprayer. This construction also makes it harder for vermin like rats to get established. They can’t burrow into the steel walls like they would do with wood, so the building is far less hospitable to them.

Cattle and other livestock will do better when they don’t have to compete with nesting pests for the space inside the barn. They will also appreciate the shelter, especially during the winter.

Keep Hay Dry and Contained

Hay needs to be kept separate from livestock because of its flammability and dustiness. The dust can cause respiratory problems in animals with constant exposure, so keeping it in a hayloft in the same barn isn’t a good idea. Instead, it should be kept in a separate hay shed. Our sheds can be made to look beautiful from the outside and remain fully functional on the inside.

Protect Your Tools

Not every steel building is huge. Use one or more to keep your hand tools safe from the weather as well as would-be thieves. It is easy to install organizers in these buildings, so everything stays handy as well.

Keep Your Fertilizers and Chemicals Safe

Exposure to the weather can easily degrade the containers that hold fertilizers and chemicals. Keep them protected from UV rays, temperature extremes, and other natural hazards with a properly-sized agricultural steel building. This protection will also help to prevent tampering, theft, and accidental spills.

Cut Your Building Maintenance Investment

Wood buildings may look charming, but they require repeated maintenance to keep them in good shape. Every few years, they have to be painted. You will also have to periodically replace rotten or termite-eaten members. This adds up to a large investment of both time and money.

Structures made with agricultural steel building kits never need to be painted, and as long as galvanized steel is used, you also don’t have to worry about rust. Termites stand no chance against the strength of steel, either.

Erect a New Building Fast

Thanks to modern engineering methods, it typically takes less time to put up a steel building than a wood one. This makes it easier to respond to sudden shelter needs. Even when you’re not in a hurry, you’ll appreciate being able to get done with construction and on to other projects faster.

Avoid On-Site Cutting and Fabrication

Many wooden buildings are built on site from timbers and panels that have to be cut or fabricated right there. Steel buildings, on the other hand, are pre-fabricated at the factory. All you have to do with agricultural steel building kits is assemble the parts. This isn’t just faster, it’s easier – and it allows the steel buildings to be made without the need for specialized carpenters.

To learn more about our agricultural steel building kits, contact us at SteelCo Buildings, Inc. in Oxford, Georgia. We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs, and then fabricate a kit that perfectly meets those needs in any location.


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