Construction Deemed Essential During the Pandemic

Even in the pandemic, certain businesses are essential for getting the job done. What does that mean? It means even in the face of so many changes, construction firms provide vital services for public safety and welfare with building, highway and utility needs. In fact, we can’t have a strong infrastructure without continuing construction.

Building with Purpose

There are different types of buildings needed to keep things operational. Buildings for agriculture, aircraft hangars, commercial buildings, garages & workshops, buildings for worship, storage facilities, warehouses and homes are all needed to keep America running smoothly. Even in the face of a pandemic, these buildings will continue to be needed to thrive and support the economy. Things won’t always be this way, and being prepared for the future is key. Hospitals and other makeshift facilities have had to be built just to make room for housing equipment, supplies and people.

Safety First

Many people ask – is it safe to continue construction during the pandemic? The answer is … who’s going to build those facilities that are needed? The ultimate goal is to protect workers and provide the PPE needed to do their jobs and ensure all the essential workers have places to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

How We Do Things

Social distancing is important, and we use all safety protocols to ensure our teams are safe and out of harm’s way. From wearing gloves and face masks to properly cleaning and sanitizing tools after every use. Working six feet apart and adding extra hand-washing stations comes with the territory. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of staggered shifts and other possible safety options. Following basic protocols to ensure the team is healthy while being able to do their jobs without worry makes the difference.

Making the Difference

While many people may question why we’re essential, we focus on the old-fashioned things. Our core consists of five pillars: discipline, trust, integrity, honesty and community involvement. We’re leaders in our field. Giving back and supporting the economy through hard work and dedication is the right thing to do.

Why SteelCo?

We’re known for being the One Stop Shop for all of your Steel Building needs. Known throughout the construction and steel industry since 2001, we’ve made a name for ourselves in superior general contracting and steel building design. No matter the design or purpose of your building, our team has the expertise and knowledge to set a unique standard.

Don’t let your projects sit there unfinished! We are ready and willing to help get your project going or see it through to completion. For a consultation on how we can assist, call the team at SteelCo Buildings today.


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