Questions to Ask your General Contractor

When the time comes to hire a general contractor, it’s important to find the right person. Asking good questions can help you find a contractor who is a good communicator, skilled in their trade and a good business person as well. The following questions can help you find a contractor who is right for you.

Ask Your General Contractor These Questions Prior to Hire

  1. What’s Your Experience With This Type of Project?
    The contractor you choose should have experience with the type of project that you’re trying to complete. Choose a contractor who can describe their previous work and show pictures upon request.
  2. When Can You Start?
    The best contractors will be busy in the summer, but may slow down in the off-seasons. Once you find the right contractor, you might need to plan your project around the contractor’s availability. Start looking early so you can book your contractor at a time that works for you.
  3. Can You Provide References?
    Any good contractor should be able to provide references. It’s your job to ask for names and numbers of previous clients who have had experiences with that contractor. Once you’ve got the information you need, follow up with each reference. Ask all references the same questions to give you a point of comparison. If you hear questionable things about a contractor, it may be time to look for someone else.
  4. Are You Licensed?
    Contractors are required to have a license if they’re performing work worth over a certain amount. Contractor licensure protects consumers, so find out from each contractor you interview whether they’re licensed to do work in your state. If they’re not, it may be time to move on.
  5. How Much Will the Job Cost?
    Your contractor may take some time to get back to you with a bid. Get bids from several contractors before choosing the one who is right for you. Be cautious about hiring any contractor who submits a dramatically cheaper bid than other contractors. These contractors may be cutting corners that could lead to faulty workmanship, or may be planning to add on costs midway through the job.
  6. Who Will Be My Point of Contact?
    A good contractor should have a clear point of contact for each construction project. This helps prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications. If a contractor seems to have given this little thought, this could be a red flag.

Contact a Contractor With Experience, Business Acumen and Skill

If you’re starting a construction project sometime in the next year, get started looking for a contractor now. At SteelCo, we offer general contracting services to businesses in and around the Oxford, Georgia area. Contact us to get started on your construction project today.


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